Bard Family Session

Beautiful fall weather, beautiful landscape, and a beautiful family. What more could a photographer want? ;)
But seriously, I adore this family so very much and it’s always a joy to spend time with them. Mike & Amarachi are incredible parents and Auden is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. <3
Justin and I had a blast photographing them!

Enjoy! :)



Thanksgiving day

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving weekend! :D
I hope you all had an amazing time with family this week!

This month, I’ve come to the sad realization, that I often don’t take photos of my personal life and the beautiful candid moments with friends and family. As I was flipping through a small photo album on grandma’s end table in her living room, it hit me: I don’t take enough photos. Grandma’s photo album was full of beautiful photographs of all the kids growing up and important family events. And I thought to myself, when was the last time I took my camera out for something that wasn’t for a client… and I couldn’t remember.
I want to create memories that I can leave for the generations behind me. I don’t want all these photographs stuck on my iPhone soon to be forgotten. I want to leave behind what life looked like in 2015. What grandma’s kitchen looked like on Thanksgiving day. What we looked liked when we all piled on the couch to watch the Uconn Huskies game. I don’t want these memories to be forgotten.
So here’s to taking my camera out more and creating memories that won’t be forgotten.


Max & Morgan’s proposal <3

Well, this is proof that I’ve been slacking with blogging lately… This beautiful proposal I’m about to share happened 2 weeks ago and I’m just now getting around to blogging it! Whoops!
BUT, this is one blog post that is very near and dear to my heart.
You see, Max, (the handsome man proposing in these photos) has been best friends with Justin since they were in diapers. Max and Justin have done everything together and have remained best friends for 25 years.
Fast forward to last year when the beautiful Morgan entered the picture. I saw the look on Max’s eyes when Morgan started hanging out with us and I knew there was something there. Max and Morgan quickly hit it off, started going on dates and before we knew it, they were dating. :) Max expressed to Justin and I a few months ago his plan to propose to Morgan. I squealed of excitement and gave Max the biggest hug ever. This is how the proposal night went down:

Max planned this fake coffee house/worship night at church inviting all of Morgan’s closest friends and family. Since most of her family are apart of worship teams throughout different churches here in CT, she didn’t find it suspicious that all of her family happened to be there for this “worship” night. The plan was working perfectly as she completely fell for it. Max went up on stage to “start worship” but instead started singing a love song to Morgan. She didn’t realized what was going on until the end of the song. It was amazing and we all cried tears of joy! :) It was a beautiful night celebrating with friends and family and the plan worked flawlessly. :)

Congratulations Max and Morgan! Love you both so much!!!



Max singing to Morgan



When Morgan realized what was happening! :)2014-11-06_0001.jpg

ahhh, she was glowing!! :)2014-11-06_0003.jpg2014-11-06_0004.jpg
Everyone who was apart of the celebration! :) 2014-11-06_0005.jpg

Christina’s senior session

Hello and Happy Wednesday!

This is one blog post I’m excited to share!! :D

Now, I don’t normally do senior portraits, but when my sister-in-law asked me to photograph her for her senior photos, how could I say no!?
So Christina and I ventured down to downtown Collinsville to do her photos and I am so happy with how these turned out! The location was PERFECT for her!

I have to be a little honest here, I get a little teary eyed looking at these. She’s growing up so fast and before I know it, she’s going to be married herself. aaahhhh time goes by too quickly!
But man, isn’t she beautiful!?




2014-10-22_0001.jpg 2014-10-22_0002.jpg 2014-10-22_0003.jpg 2014-10-22_0004.jpg

2014-10-22_0005.jpg 2014-10-22_0006.jpg 2014-10-22_0007.jpg 2014-10-22_0009.jpg

2014-10-22_0010.jpg 2014-10-22_0011.jpg 2014-10-22_0012.jpg 2014-10-22_0013.jpg 2014-10-22_0014.jpg2014-10-22_0015.jpg 2014-10-22_0016.jpg 2014-10-22_0017.jpg 2014-10-22_0018.jpg2014-10-22_0019.jpg 2014-10-22_0020.jpg 2014-10-22_0021.jpg 2014-10-22_0022.jpg

Andrew and Melanie’s beach engagement session

Hello and Happy Wednesday!!

If you know me well, you know that I not only absolutely adore being outside, but I also love being at the beach. It’s so peaceful to me. I could just sit by the water listening to the waves crash for hours. And to be honest, sometimes I go to the beach by myself just to be at rest.
So, when Melanie expressed that she wanted to do her engagement session by the beach, to say I was excited is an understatement. And to top it off the weather that day was PERFECT. We could not have asked for a better fall day! I mean, look at the beautiful golden light!! Ah, to die for!!





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