Kid Lion

Welcome to my new blog!

From now on, I will be posting all of my photo shoots and updates on here.
I will also be having some CONTESTS giving away t-shirts, CDS and other great stuff. Along with that, I will be posting reviews on products. So, keep checking back!

Another side note, I got a job offer from SONY RECORDS today! They want me to work in the photo department! Unfortunately that would mean I would have to move to New York City. So, I’m still thinking through a lot.


I had a wonderful photo shoot this weekend with a new indie band from North Wales, PA called Kid Lion. Check them out here:

It was an intense shoot traveling through snow up to our thighs, crossing across the street nearly getting hit, and squeezing in a car that was too small to fit the whole crew in. It was a great time with a lot of laughter. Thanks Caleb and Matt for being troupers and willing to freeze your feet off! =D and a special thanks to Carla for helping me with the shoot!

One thought on “Kid Lion

  1. It’s good that you’re prayerfully considering whether to move to New York. But I hope you will be sure to have a support system there/near there if you do. Godly friends are important to keep you from slipping backwards on the slippery slopes of temptation. But I also know that these doors often open for reasons. I don’t think the LORD would give you something so special without intending you go down that road at least a little way. Just make sure it’s a legit offer and get it in writing. Bless you as you prepare for a new adventure serving Christ in a new corner of His field.

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