Tour Friends

Free concert tickets + best friend + traveling + meeting new friends + lots of laughter = one great weekend.

Rebecca had free tickets for us to see a band from Tooth and Nail Records called Rocky Loves Emily on Friday night. Anytime I am with Rebecca, it’s an adventure. On our way there, we got lost and ended up in the wrong state, got stuck in a creepy ally in North Philly, and had to pay $8 in tolls… and that was just on the way there. haha! Once we got to the actual show, it was a relief. The show started with some local bands who did Sum 41 and Blink 182 covers. It was actually pretty great.
Throughout the night, I got to hang out with the bands and chat it up. Really nice dudes. I always love meeting new people.

After the show, the bands wanted to get the “real philly experience” and go to Genos to get some philly cheese steaks. It was nearly impossible to find parking in Philly for the 2 huge tour buses and trailers. We had to park far to say the least….

I ended up meeting Jon who was part of the tour crew. He is a video producer based out of Chicago who works on movie sets and makes music videos. He was telling me how he was working on the new Transformers movie. It’s gonna be awesome!

Then on Saturday, For Today, We Came as Romans, Texas in July, and Woe is me had a show. Carla, Rebecca, and myself drove over together and met up with a mess of people once we got there.
I always love seeing my friends on tour, since I hardly ever get to see them!
At some point I was chillin at the merch table, and I ended up knocking off TIJ’s shirt stand… Sean made me climb on top of a table and nearly kill myself to fix it… thanks sean.

All in all it was a great night seeing all my traveling road buddies and all my boys. =]

Here’s some photos of Rocky Loves Emily, and Set it off.

Check their music out here:
Rocky Loves Emily of Tooth and Nail –
Set it off –

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