Integrity Custom Woodworking, Kensington, CT.

Good afternoon everyone! =D

I’m excited to share with you my recent experience!
I have recently been working with a custom wood working company called Integrity Custom Woodworking located in Kensington, Connecticut.
They’re a company that specializes in designing and crafting high-end, custom kitchens.
They’re work is absolutely incredible and it was a true joy working with them. They’re a family owned business which is something I can easily relate to due to the fact that I grew up with my father running his own electrical contracting business.

I had a great time touring around Connecticut photographing all these houses. Most of them which are a DREAM home of mine. I mean seriously, I can get used to living in a multi-million dollar home. (who doesn’t want that)
I have to admit, some houses that I entered, I was almost scared to walk into. I was terrified of breaking something or tracking in dirt with my shoes. These were definitely some of the most beautiful houses I’ve ever been in and I was not about to mess them up with my tripods. haha!

Enough rambling, here are a few select photos from my shoots.

You can view all the photos on Integrity’s website. All photos on their website were taken by me. =]

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