Family Camping Trip {Philadelphia Wedding Photographer}

Man oh man! I have been seriously lacking with these blog posts! I am sorry!!
I have been so busy with wedding planning!

But, two weeks ago I went camping with my family, and family friends.
I meant to post this as soon as I got back, but I guess better late then never? At least that’s what I like to think. haha

So this three day camping trip included not only two families of a total of 7 people, but we also brought all our dogs along with us… and we have 5 dogs between our two families.
The dogs almost overtake us. haha! But it was a blast. We cooked by the fire, went on many hikes, and explored the woods. =]
Here are some photos from my camping trip!


XOXO Chrissy
On one of our hikes, we saw a beautiful waterfall =]

Me and my mama =]

Meet Grant =] (basically my little brother)


the lighting looked cool. I couldn’t help but snap some shots of this tree haha

Meet Ginger

Dinner =]

This is my little dog, Libby. (and my dad’s shoe)

And this is Dingo

My mom brought this stuff to put in the fire to change the colors…. not sure if it was safe, but it was sure pretty to look at!!

That’s all for now. Hope you enjoy! =D

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