Dave and Liana {Southington, Connecticut Wedding Photographer}

Okay, I have to admit, this is probably one of my favorite photo shoots to date.
Why you ask? Because I had the honor to photograph an incredible couple who happens to be some of my closest friends.

Dave and my Fiancé Justin, have been best friends for years now. They go way back into high school days where they played in a band together. And a few years later, Justin introduced Dave to Liana. They went on their first date, and it was love ever since. With both of them sharing a strong love for the Lord, passion to serve others, and a fun loving spirit, it was no wonder they were a match made to happen. =]

I had the honor to meet Dave and Liana when Justin and I started dating in April of 2011. I instantly fell in love this these two! Something about them just draws you right in. Their love for each other is so strong and even if you were blind, you could still see how much they care for each other. They are so full of laughter, fun, and joy. You can’t help but to have a great time with these two!

Last month, we all jumped in Liana’s car to photograph their engagement photos. I have two lovely assistants. Justin my Fiancé, and Max who is Justin and Dave’s best friend… and yeah I guess Liana and I kinda call him a friend too. :p  We drove around with a location in mind, but on our way, we drove by this BEAUTIFUL breathtaking orchard and KNEW we had to stop. And that place, became our photo shoot location. Along with the beautiful trees, and lake, we also stumbled upon a sweet red barn. The owners were very nice and let us use their property. We truly had a blast.

Well, enough of me rambling, time to see some photos!!!


I love Dave’s face in this one. haha!

Model couple of the year!! Am I right, or am I right!? I mean look at those two!!!!!

And some behind the scenes photos =]

Hope you enjoyed!!

XOXO Chrissy

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