Tesia + Alston engagement photos – Peace Valley Park {Philadelphia wedding photographer}

Warning: you will smile when looking at these photos. Tesia and Alston’s smiles are extremely contagious! They are so FULL of laughter and fun. This was just about the most fun I’ve had on a photo shoot. I was smiling the ENTIRE time. The whole photo shoot they were just goofing off, laughing, and just being themselves. They were making me laugh the whole time.

We went to the beautiful Peace Valley Park in Doylestown to do the photoshoot. It ended up being the PERFECT lighting so we were all very thankful for that since the weather man was calling for rain. yicks! (but let’s me real, when is the weather man actually right?)

After spending time with this lovely couple, I found out a lot about this couple. One of the fun facts, is that they are MAJOR scrabble players. I’m not talking about players who occasionally play when there’s nothing better to do. oh no, Tesia and Alston are serious scrabble players who are very competitive! =] So we just HAD to do some photos with the scrabble pieces and the ring! =]

So enjoy the photos and I hope you feel the laugher and smiles through this incredible couple!

And a big thanks to Amarachi for helping me out on this photo shoot. She is the beautiful lady in the last photo =]

XOXO Chrissy

And my beautiful assistant for the day Amarachi:

and one behind the scenes photo =]

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