Chase + Steffany Wedding – Lauxmont Farms, Wrightsville, PA {Wedding photographer}

I cannot even begin to express how excited I am to share this wedding with you! :D
Chase has been a dear friend of mine for years now. He has encouraged me deeply in my photography business and helped and prayed me though some really frustrating times. He has been one of those friends that is always by my side when I need him. So, when he met Steffany and introduced her to me, I was so excited. I knew by the way he looked at her and the way his face would light up when he talked about her, I just knew Steffany was the one for him. :)
I fell in love with Steffany instantly. She is so easy to talk to, insanely sweet, and out going. She’s hard not to like. :)
When Chase and Steffany asked me and Justin to photograph their wedding, I was so honored and thrilled.
Their wedding was STUNNING! The location couldn’t have been more perfect. I mean seriously, LOOK at the ceremony location!! It’s breathtaking.
Justin and I had such a BLAST photographing this wedding and it flew by!!
Now, I’m posting mostly portrait photos on this post mainly because I’m in love with so many of these shots. So instead of the usual play by play of the day like I usually do, I wanted to focus on Chase, Steffany and their beautiful ceremony. :)

So I hope you enjoy these photos as much as Justin and I do. :)

Love you Chase and Steffany!! <3

XOXOX Chrissy

And THIS is why I adore and encourage first looks! :)

And I thought I’d end on a friend photo :)

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