Jesus Culture NYC & iPhone editing apps

Yesterday after church, our bible study pilled into the car, drove to the train station and headed to New York City for a one night Jesus Culture conference. :)
Despite the FREEZING cold temperature yesterday, we all had a blast and all walked away feeling really refreshed from a night of worship.

If you’d like to check out their music, you can take a listen here: (Bryan and Katie are apart of the Jesus Culture team)
{Bryan and Katie’s website}


(Fun fact: We played one of Bryan and Katie’s songs durning our wedding ceremony)

Bryan and Katie Torwalt





Of COURSE I took a ton of iPhone photos. So here are a few I took yesterday.
If you’re looking for some AWESOME Iphone photo editing apps, here are the ones I use:

01. VSCO CAM (which is where I create my black and whites)
02. Afterglow (they have cool color filters and some awesome frames)
03. Instagram. (click instagram if you wanna check out my profile)

And one of the newest and hottest apps that you need to check out is Vine.
It’s a really fun video app and has a similar feel to Instagram. A lot of celebrities are jumping onto this and it’s really taking off.
If you want to check out videos I took yesterday with the Vine app, you can view them here:
NYC video taken with Vine.
Another Vine video :)




425996_10151446776291648_1599287996_n 427329_10151447410226648_830886605_n photo-10 photo-11 photo-12 photo-13 photo-14 photo-15 photo-16 photo-17 photo-18

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