An unbelievable love story for Valentine’s Day <3

Happy Valentine’s Day!! <3

I wanted to share  a very inspiring and beautiful love story with you and I thought with today being Valentine’s Day, it would be the perfect time to share this.
This video really struck my heart in a special way and brought me to tears almost instantly. People with “disability’s” have a very close place in my heart. The reason for this is because my older brother was born with autism, cerebral palsy and also mental retardation. I have grown up watching him struggle with everyday tasks but always having a positive attitude. Jon, (my brother) is one of the sweetest, and most adventurous person I know. He’s extremely smart but with his communication issues due to his disability, people tend to look past him. And it breaks my heart.
Growing up with an older brother with extreme disability’s has definitely taught me a lot. It’s made me understand that everybody has a different way on communicating. For some it comes easy, but for others like my brother, it’s very challenging. but no matter how we decide to communicate, we still have our own thoughts, opinions, and nobody is “stupid” because they communicate differently.

I hope this video inspires you as it did me. It’s a beautiful story about love and never giving up.

I also added a photo of me and awesome older brother, Jon. :)

Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day!! <3





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