Heather + Corbin Engagement shoot: New Hope, PA. {Connecticut Wedding Photographer}

Hello and Happy Friday! :)

This engagement shoot started off different then any other I’ve experienced.
I arrived to the photo shoot location with my assistant early as I always do. It was a BEAUTIFUL spring day and I was fully enjoying the sun hitting my face. I locked my car and began getting my camera bag in the trunk. I placed my keys in my camera bag for safe keeping since I never leave my bag out of my sight. (If you think you know where this is going, you’re slightly wrong. Haha) As I was in my trunk swapping lens around and gearing up, Amarachi (my lovely assistant) said “woah! There’s a cat on your car!” and sure enough, this white cat was standing on top of my car just looking at me. I laughed and thought to myself, I gotta take a picture of this. So I began to take an iPhone photo (my first mistake)… well this cat had another idea in his mind. He decided to JUMP onto my trunk and shut it… with my camera bag, and yes, my car keys still in the trunk. The cat then gave me this evil look and walked away like he knew exactly what he had done. Amarachi and I looked at each other in shock as to what just happened. You know those moments when something bad happens in slow motion but you just freeze and can’t move? Yeah, this was one of those times. I wasn’t so upset about my keys being locked in the car as I was that all my camera gear was locked inside hanging out with my keys. And to top it off, my AAA just ran out no joke, last week. (why does that ALWAYS happen with any type of membership or insurance!?) Less then three minutes after this had happened, Heather and Corbin pulled in. My heart sank and I knew we were going to have to delay this photo shoot until I could figure out how to get my camera out of the car. Thankfully, Heather and Corbin were very understanding and had a great attitude about this whole thing. We all laughed together as we tried to break into my car. It was definitely a great way to bond before a photo shoot. Haha! I have to say, Heather and Corbin are the sweetest couple! They took the whole thing so lightly and even calmed me down as I was panicking inside. They are such a genuine couple with lots of love and patience. :) After and hour and a half, we got into my car. At this point we were running out of light quickly and I wasn’t sure if we’d even have enough time to do the photo shoot. But, God is a good God and he must have held off the sunset for an extra hour that day because we were able to shoot until 8:00pm! The sunset was suppose to be at 7:15! So all in all, it worked out! We had a blast and were able to have a full engagement session. Praise God!

So Heather and Corbin, thank you for being so understanding and patient with the whole getting my keys locked into the car. :) You two are a beautiful couple inside and out!

And a big thanks to Amarachi for helping me with this shoot!!

Oh, and I have to say this, Heather is a trooper! She was walking all over the place in heels and walking through the woods! Girl, I don’t know how you do it! :)

So, what’s the lesson to take from all of this? Never trust a white cat. (photos below)

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do! You can feel the love between Heather and Corbin and it makes my heart MELT!

XOXO Chrissy


Heather’s eyes are so stunning!


Heather and Corbin are naturals in front of the camera! :)



Fun Fact: Corbin proposed to Heather right down the road from the Black Brass Hotel at a little bridge! :)


I still can’t get over how great these outfits are! So cute!



Is this ring gorgeous or WHAT!? :)







Meet “the cat”

photo (1) photo (3) photo (5)

And some more behind the scenes photos!

And here is my lovely assistant Amarachi! :)

2013-04-11_0001.jpg 2013-04-11_0042.jpg

I like to call this the “photographer stance”

2013-04-11_0043.jpg 2013-04-11_0045.jpg

Seriously guys, Heather walked in these crazy woods in HEELS!


Thanks for viewing!:)


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