Memorial Day BBQ


I hope you all had a lovely 3 day weekend and had time to spend time with loved ones. :)

When Justin and I got married, we both had the same heart and vision, and that was to open up our house and host people. So that’s exactly what we’ve been doing – And we LOVE IT! :)
Justin and I love having friends and family over a few times a week and constantly meeting new people. We find so much joy in it. :) So this Memorial Day, we just had to have a big hangout and BBQ with friends. So that’s exactly what we did. :) We somehow packed 25+ people into our small little apartment and all had a great time. Thankfully most of the day all of us were outside due to the fact it was beautiful and sunny and that, that was where the food was. haha! We BBQ some burgers, hotdogs, chicken and steak and eat until we were full. It was just a great time spending time with so many of our friends. I am just so blessed to have so many amazing, selfless, and loving friends. :)

Happy Memorial Day. :)


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