Nashville vacation. {things to do and see}

Hello everyone!

I have to say, it’s good to be home! :) Justin and I had a wonderful time in Nashville this past week, but there’s nothing like coming home and climbing into your own bed again! :)

Justin and I have a lot of close friends who livc in Nashville, (most of who we haven’t seen since our wedding back in October!) so we thought it would be fun to go visit for a week to see everyone. We had such a fun and refreshing time of hanging out and eating awesome food. And I  have to say, Nashville has amazing food!

I thought it would be cool to write a list of the top 5 things we did and things I suggest doing/seeing when you’re in Nashville! :)

01. Crema 
If you’re a coffee lover, THIS is the place you need to go to!! Crema is a nationally awarded coffee shop for their amazing coffee, roasting and brewing. They are known to make a dang great cup of coffee. Justin and I fell in LOVE with this one of a kind drink specially made only at Crema called the “Cuban Latte.” It was literally the best coffee drink I’ve ever had and we quickly found out that it’s a local favorite. It’s a must have drink. :) Along with their amazing latte’s, the staff is very friendly and the atmosphere is great. It’s the perfect coffee shop.

02. Pharmacy Burger Parlor & Garden.
All of our friends told us to get a burger at Pharmacy because it was the best around. I was a little scared because Pharmacy is very deceiving from the outside. I was expecting a little shack with “ok” food but was VERY surprised when I walked in. This place is huge and has a big beautiful outdoor seating area with amazing landscape. The prices are very good and the food comes out VERY fast. The place was packed out but we still got our food within 10-15 minutes. The burger I got was cooked perfectly and the fries were amazing! Aside from the amazing burgers and homemade fries, the atmosphere was so inviting and comforting. It’s the kind of place you don’t want to leave after you’ve eaten your food. If you’re a burger person, next time you’re in Nashville, you HAVE to check this place out! :)

03. Love Circle 
Love Circle isn’t something most people know about. If you’re visiting, you won’t see it on a list of “things to do in Nashville” anywhere online and most locals don’t even know about it. But it’s definitely worth going to! It’s a large hill that’s the highest point in Nashville and overlooks the city skyline. It’s absolutely beautiful! It’s hard to find, but if you go on Yelp, you can find some details about it and where to park. The main bummer about Love Circle is that you can’t be there past 9:00pm or you’ll get fined/ticketed. We also found out that cops come and kick you out after 9:00pm and you may have to run… whoops. It’s also really cool because Love Circle is RIGHT next to famous country singer and winner of Celebrity Apprentice  John Rich of Big and Rich. Just be careful not to accidentally drive into his driveway…. we did this and quickly got chased out by surveillance cameras, watch dogs and flood lights. Yeah, talk about scary!

04. Pancake Pantry
This is more of a tourist thing, but locals still love it and it’s well known for a reason. This place has killer pancakes but not just ordinary pancakes. They make amazing buttermilk pancakes from scratch and have a menu of over 20 different pancake options. If you’re a breakfast lover like I am, this is a must! If you’re not into pancakes, not to worry! They offer other amazing breakfast food! A tip if you’re planning on going here: be prepared to wait in line. Or if you’re not willing to wait an hour plus, go on off hours. Justin and I went at 2:00pm and walked right in. It’s in the morning that there’s a line wrapped around the building.

05. Franklin
Okay, this isn’t in Nashville, but it’s only 30 minutes away. Franklin is a adorable little town with great shops and food! It’s really fun to walk around and pop into shops. The houses and the town in general is just beautiful. It’s personally my favorite place in TN. If you’re looking for food, Puckett’s is great and also Mickey Roos. (which has corn hole in the back to play) There is also a famous cupcake place called Ivey Cake in Franklin which is who Carrie Underwood used for her wedding. I definitely suggest breaking away from Nashville for a day and checking out Franklin. :)

So of course, this wouldn’t be a blog post without photos!!! :)










And of course, some iPhone photos! :))

2013-06-07_0018 2013-06-07_0019 2013-06-07_0020 2013-06-07_0021 2013-06-07_0022 2013-06-07_0023



XOXO Chrissy

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