A little piece of Ireland

I became friends with Peter over two years ago when I met him at church while he was here in the states for work. His Irish accent caught my attention almost instantly. I mean, it’s not too often you hear one of those. Peter and I quickly became friends hanging out quite often. When Justin and Peter met, they immediately hit it off and became buddies and the three of us continued to grow in our friendship. So when Peter moved back home to Ireland, it was heart breaking. Justin and I had to do something about it so we made a trip to Ireland to visit Peter! :)

Fast forward to now. See Justin and I haven’t seen Peter since our wedding last year so we were definitely missing our Irish friend. So when Peter called to say he was coming to the states and wanted to visit us, we were nothing short of excited.
We had such a wonderful weekend spending time with him and catching up on life. It truly was the perfect weekend.

Here are a few photos from when Justin and I went to Ireland to visit Peter. Which fun fact, is where Justin and I got engaged! :D

169234_10151030298676648_1914263331_o 290018_10151030301191648_970200294_o



And here are some photos from the weekend! :)

Of course, you have to start off by drinking Barry’s tea straight from Ireland. :)
We took Peter to our all time favorite burger place – Plan B
We also hung out in parking lots…
Hey Brittany, what’s going on back there?
And this ladies and gents is Peter :)
We also hung out a little in West Hartford
Andddddd at Starbucks




Thanks for viewing and have an awesome 4th of July! :D

XOX Chrissy

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