Personal Goals

Hello and happy Friday!

I thought I would mix things up today and step away from photo blogging and share some personal thoughts and goals.
It’s January – the time for new year resolutions. Now, I’m a huge goal oriented person. In fact, if you look in my office, you’ll see 5 different lists of goals. The first one being long term business goals, The second one being  business winter goals, the third being business weekly goals, the forth list being editing goals, and the fifth being my personal goals. I actually sit down every Monday and read all of my goals, re arrange them and create a weekly goal list. I need goals to keep me focused and motivated otherwise, I’ll be running in circles.
Although I’m great at keeping up with business goals, I fail to keep up with my personal goals. And things that were once important, start to slip through the cracks as life starts carrying me away.
These past few months I have really let life and the busyness along with it distract me from some things I used to be so good at keeping up with. So this week, I took some time to re focus a little bit.
These 7 goals may seems silly, but they are little things that I want to put back into my life again.

01. More time in prayer and in reading God’s Word.
Let’s face it. This is a hard one. Although I have a constant relationship with Jesus and that I’m talking with Him throughout the day, I’ve lately been inspired to start studying the Old Testament and to better understand the culture and background of  what I’m reading.


02. Play guitar 1-2 hours a week.
I used to play guitar all of the time but this year, I got too busy and stopped. I’m so passionate about music and I really want to start pushing myself to start playing again! :)


03. Call long distance friends to catch up.
Since moving here to Connecticut, many of my friends live back in Pennsylvania and in Nashville. Because of that, it’s so difficult to see each other anymore. (clearly) I’m not much of a texter so it’s easy for me to to stop communicating with people when they’re not around. This is something I really want to work on. I want to get back in the habit to randomly calling and Skyping my friends. Just because they’re not around, doesn’t mean I have forgotten… and I want them to know that. :)

photo (5)

04. Crochet instead of Netflix.
Ugh, TV can be such a time sucker. Netflix is amazing on those days where you’re feeling sick or just worked a 15 hour day and you just need a mental break. But so often I choose to watch Netflix at the end of the day instead of doing something productive. I’ve recently taken on crocheting and I have many scarfs that I want to make. Goodbye Netflix hello big fluffy scarfs. :D

photo (7)

05. Journal 3 times a week.
All throughout high school, I was huge into journaling. It was a way for me to get some of these heavy thoughts out of my head and to place them somewhere. It was a way for me to release. I also always loved looking back and seeing how far I came. It was so encouraging. And unfortunately, this past year I think I’ve journaled a total of 4 times. I’m not okay with that. I want to start writing again so years down the road, I’ll be able to look back and remember all the small details and fun memories of my first few years of marriage and new life here in Connecticut.


06. Exercise daily.
Oh geez. I’m pretty sure this is everybody’s goal for the new year. I consider myself a pretty active person. In the summer I’m always outside going for hikes, and playing frisbee. And in the winter I snowboard. But I’m terrible and exercising daily. It’s always random. One week I could be hiking every day and the next two weeks after that, I’ll do nothing. This winter, I want to push myself to exercise every morning. Heck, I even bought a Jillian Michael workout DVD. She’s going to kick my butt…

photo (6)

07. As always, take time away from work to spend quality time with friends a family.
Thankfully, this is something that’s already happening in my life. But It’s one I want to keep. :)


photo (4)

I’m hoping by posting this for all of you to see, it will help me stay motivated and accountable. I’m also hoping the 5 sheets of this that I printed out and posted around the house will also help… haha!

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic weekend! :)


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