I got published in PRINT! :D



Hello & Happy Thursday! :D

A few months back, I got contacted by a media company asking for help to write an article for an upcoming magazine along with using some of my photos. They asked me some really great questions about what to expect when getting your wedding photos taken, tips, and the best places to have your engagement photos taken. It was really fun working with them on this project! :)
I currently only have the digital files to this magazine, but the print version will be coming out next month! Yay!
I am really excited about this and I cannot WAIT to see this in person!

The first 4 pages you’ll see some of my photos being used as well as some quotes by me in the articles.
The following 3 pages after that are an example of some other pages in the magazine. :)

Man, did I mention I’m EXCITED about this!?




upload_files_home_ghns-staff_Niche_pages_WinterBride_2014_NEW-1 (1) (1)-4   upload_files_home_ghns-staff_Niche_pages_WinterBride_2014_NEW-1 (1) (4)-12 upload_files_home_ghns-staff_Niche_pages_WinterBride_2014_NEW-1 (1) (4)-13  upload_files_home_ghns-staff_Niche_pages_WinterBride_2014_NEW-1 (1) (4)-19




Here are some other pages of the magazine that I was not apart of :)



upload_files_home_ghns-staff_Niche_pages_WinterBride_2014_NEW-1 (1) (4)-17 upload_files_home_ghns-staff_Niche_pages_WinterBride_2014_NEW-1 (1) (4)-9 upload_files_home_ghns-staff_Niche_pages_WinterBride_2014_NEW-1 (1) (4)-8

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