Opening up our home – What it really means to us

Hello and Happy Thursday!!

Aside from serving and loving the Lord,  (which is what our main focus is) Justin and I both share a really strong passion. It’s something we’ve shared since we met and a big reason I believe we connected so well since day one. At one point in our lives, Justin and I both struggled in our college/young adult age with feeling disconnected from other people our age. We both at some point felt alone and desired to be apart of a friend group who had the same heart which is following Jesus. We desperately wanted to connect with like minded people as well as having a place to go and to simply have fun.
So, when Justin and I got married, one of our goals was that we wanted to create a place for people to meet and grow stronger in friendships. We wanted to create a place where people always felt welcomed, loved, and at home. Our passion is to bring our friends into one place so that new friendships are developed, and old ones are strengthened.
We feel so called to open up our home in anyway we can. We have been so blessed to have been able to host a bible study here every Tuesday as well as opening up our home for holiday’s and family events. Because Justin and I so value friendships and relationships, it’s been a true joy to be able to open our home to everybody we meet.

With all that being said, on Tuesday, our bible study got together for a 4th of July grill our at out house. It feels so good to laugh and grow together.
These friends have touched my life in such an amazing way. <3




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