My childhood dream of flying a plane coming to life

This story starts when I was 12 years old.
I was in the back seat of my parents car sitting next to my best friend nearly jumping out of my seat in excitement. I looked to my mom in the front seat smiling ear to ear. I couldn’t believe the day was finally here. I have been waiting for this day for what seemed like months. This day was about to be the coolest day of my life. A day I would never forget and would be able to tell all my friends and family. We pulled up to the mini local airport and there it was. The mini fighter plane I was about to go ride in. It looked even better in person. My mind raced as I thought of all the places we could fly to and all the things I would be able to see. I had never been on a plane before so my expectations were high. Once we parked I whipped open the back door and jumped quickly out of the car ready to take on my new adventure.

As my parents were talking with the pilot, I knew something was wrong. I could tell by my mom’s face. They explained to my mom that the contest she had one for somebody to go for a plane ride, they had to be 18 years old to fly. My dreams were CRUSHED. I felt my eyes welling up and tears began to fall. The day that was suppose to be perfect, ended oh so wrong. I left that day feeling devastated and like my world had fallen apart. I mean hey, when you’re 12 years old, these things are the world to you.
After years went by, I never forgot that day. Something inside of me always wanted to go back and fly in that plane. Almost to prove something.

When Justin and I had started dating, I had told him that very story expressing how bummed I was that I never got my airplane ride.  Well, you see, Justin is a master at remembering every little detail and story I’ve ever told him, so he stored that story somewhere in the back of his mind for a later time. This past May for my birthday, I got a birthday gift I never expected. The ultimate surprise – an hour long plane ride where I get to fly the actual plane… like WHAT! How awesome is that!? When Justin had told me what he got for my birthday, it was like my childhood dream came back to life. I couldn’t believe my time had finally come. And not to mention I was amazed at the fact that Justin even remembered that story after 2 years.

So this past Saturday, I not only got my plane ride, but I got to fly the actual plane! It was such an amazing experience. The actual flight time was about 45 minutes and I did %90 of the flying during that time. I even landed! Ah, it was so much fun and I couldn’t have asked for a better day! :)




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