Thanksgiving day

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving weekend! :D
I hope you all had an amazing time with family this week!

This month, I’ve come to the sad realization, that I often don’t take photos of my personal life and the beautiful candid moments with friends and family. As I was flipping through a small photo album on grandma’s end table in her living room, it hit me: I don’t take enough photos. Grandma’s photo album was full of beautiful photographs of all the kids growing up and important family events. And I thought to myself, when was the last time I took my camera out for something that wasn’t for a client… and I couldn’t remember.
I want to create memories that I can leave for the generations behind me. I don’t want all these photographs stuck on my iPhone soon to be forgotten. I want to leave behind what life looked like in 2015. What grandma’s kitchen looked like on Thanksgiving day. What we looked liked when we all piled on the couch to watch the Uconn Huskies game. I don’t want these memories to be forgotten.
So here’s to taking my camera out more and creating memories that won’t be forgotten.


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