A little piece of Ireland

I became friends with Peter over two years ago when I met him at church while he was here in the states for work. His Irish accent caught my attention almost instantly. I mean, it’s not too often you hear one of those. Peter and I quickly became friends hanging out quite often. When Justin […]

Nashville vacation. {things to do and see}

Hello everyone! I have to say, it’s good to be home! :) Justin and I had a wonderful time in Nashville this past week, but there’s nothing like coming home and climbing into your own bed again! :) Justin and I have a lot of close friends who livc in Nashville, (most of who we […]

Memorial Day BBQ

Hello! I hope you all had a lovely 3 day weekend and had time to spend time with loved ones. :) When Justin and I got married, we both had the same heart and vision, and that was to open up our house and host people. So that’s exactly what we’ve been doing – And […]